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Introduction to the California Missions

You may already know that there are 21 missions today in the state of California. If you live in California, there is a good chance that you are within an hour's drive of one or more of the missions. Starting in San Diego, and dotting the coast all the way past San Francisco, the missions are a standing reminder of an earlier time, a time long past, when the Spanish were colonizing Alta California. They teach us of the introduction of Europeans to the California Native Americans, and the struggles that both groups would endure.

Most of today's missions are active churches, indeed, some have held mass non-stop since their founding. Others are part of the California State Park system. All are modern day treasures, testimonies to the determination and faith of the people who built them, and a path backwards in time to our beginnings. They have influenced many aspects of our history, and continue to be an important part of our state today. Our intention with this website is to bring the present day mission to those who plan on visiting the missions, or those who may not be able to visit all the missions. We bring you the particular flavor and high lights of each. We hope that you enjoy them as we do.
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